Le Saint Romain

Saint Romain Park is known for the vast landscape that surrounds it as well as the number of animals that inhabit it. Surrounded by 2% of the native forest of Mauritius, it is home to a variety of protected species and provides the best view of the ‘Cascade 500 pieds’ also known as ‘Alexandra Falls’


‘Alexandra Falls’ is without a doubt one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island. Once at the top, spend time admiring the breathtaking view of the flora and fauna as well as the southern region, such as Souillac, Riambel, Bel Ombre and the surrounding villages


During this walk, you will observe in their natural habitat the kestrel, paille en queue, parrot as well as bats. The Mauritian Flying Fox (bats) who have a weakness for endemic fruits, are very spoiled in the region, while the deers and wild boars, humbly, share the same home.


Discover this immense property, the animals and a panoramic view of the land and the wild sea of the south of Mauritius